Social Media Campaigns

The goal of social media is to make connections. Connections with people make them interested in you, in your company and in your product. Just throwing ads out there will not help your business grow. We post in friendly, conversational ways about your service or business to help you connect and be noticed. We can […]

Website Building and Maintenance

Building Websites… Office Genie can build a small business or nonprofit web site to suit your need of connecting to your public. Online stores, information access points, newsletters, blogs, photo galleries—whatever format you choose to communicate. Your site can be built to be maintained by you, or Office Genie can maintain it for you. The […]


A resume’s job is not to get you a job–it’s to get you an interview. It needs to tell the employer the most important things about you in the least amount of space. Employers have little time to review resumes. They do not want to read your life story or lists of duties from your […]