Social Media Campaigns

The goal of social media is to make connections. Connections with people make them interested in you, in your company and in your product. Just throwing ads out there will not help your business grow. We post in friendly, conversational ways about your service or business to help you connect and be noticed. We can post your daily lunch specials, featured house listings, employee of the month, whatever you want.

Social Media Manager

Monthly‎ prepaid service posting your content to Facebook, Twitter, and other media of your choice. Pricing varies depending original or provided content, number of posts per month and number of media Minimum 15 posts per month. $75+/month

Social Media Account Set Up

Set up and populate social media accounts. Start new accounts as needed. Connect new and existing accounts to Social Media Manager. Accounts are set up so you can post personally along with Office Genie’s ghost postings. $40/hour