Website Building and Maintenance

Building Websites…

Office Genie can build a small business or nonprofit web site to suit your need of connecting to your public. Online stores, information access points, newsletters, blogs, photo galleries—whatever format you choose to communicate. Your site can be built to be maintained by you, or Office Genie can maintain it for you.

The site you are looking at now is an Office Genie creation, as are:
     Nebraska Prairie Museum
     NAS Realty

Office Genie does not specialize in website development, so if you need bells and whistles, complicated charts and graphs, multiple videos, or a marching band parading across the page, Office Genie is not your gal. However, she can refer you to an expert.

Website Maintenance

How often do you come across sites that have outdated information or photos? Or worse, typos and poor grammar. When you see this, it changes your view of the site and the business that owns it—and not for the better. Up to date sites are highly necessary, but they can be elusive.

Entrepreneurs have a lot to keep track of and run out of time for the detail work of updating. Nonprofits may be depending on volunteers who just don’t have the skills needed. Office Genie picks up the slack by adding in the updates for events and information to keep your site fresh.