Connect With Customers by Blogging

blogheaderToday I’m starting to blog for my updated web site before I have even finished the site.

I want to remember and to pass on to beginning and intermediate web developers some points about building a site as I go along.

I have taken stabs at blogging before but always lost motivation. As I look back I think it was just overwhelming getting my virtual assistant business, Office Genie, launched and handling the changes in my life. I was laid off after 21 years at my 8-5, M-F job. I had a lot to journal about—too much to journal about.

Now that I am helping my clients to develop blogs and social media, I am becoming more focused on communicating for a purpose. I am doing a personal blog/journal in OneNote that I have named Jean’s Journablog. It’s not for public consumption, so it stays in my little corner of the techno universe.

This blog, Inside the Genie Bottle, is for clients and prospective clients. And for others like me who go out on the interwebs, typically via Google search, looking for answers on how to do things for my business and for answers for those odd questions that come up in life. My friends will tell you that I often say, “I Google everything.”

So now, I’m getting into blogging almost everything. Including a blog or news post on your web site is a wonderful way to connect with customers, whether they find a post through a Google search or through your posting on a Facebook post, you can connect, pass on information about your services and share your expertise.