Business in Motion

Business in Motion is an entrepreneur group that meets monthly in Holdrege, NE to learn about and discuss topics that can help small business owners grow personally and professionally.  I just returned from my second time with the group and I definitely plan to continue attending.

Last month we watched a video about  solving problems that arise with family issues that can happen  when one or both parents are starting up and running a business. Scheduling, budgets, time with children, investment money and a host of conflicts come up. The whole family is involved with the business in some way. Group members shared problems they have run into and helped each other understand ways to work through them.

Today the topic was Write It Down, Make It Happen. The main idea is to write down goals, no matter how outrageous, to make them happen. Here are a couple of examples.  Lou Holtz, successful football player, coach and analyst, wrote down just over 100 goals when he was young and unemployed. Ninety-eight of his goals have been accomplished.

The actor Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for $10 million early in his life and carried it around for years. Now he gets paid twice that per movie. When his father died, Carrey tucked that check in his father’s pocket so it was buried with him.

Business in Motion happens on the second Tuesday of the month at 8:30 a.m. for just an hour, so it doesn’t cut into your business day. You get to meet with business people in town, those you know and those you can get to know.

The meetings are lead by Alli Donohue from Phelps County Development Corp. For more information and to be put on the email reminder list for meetings, contact her at (308) 995-4148,